Thursday, February 16, 2012

Say Gay....go ahead, I dare you....

Sorry it’s been so long, the new job has kept me running on the hamster wheel all week.
So, just when I thought the world couldn’t get any worse, I found this lovely person: (Shit yes, it’s now personal.)
So this woman (I’m making an assumption here), person I guess would be better, has been spending the better part of her pathetic life posting crap on huffington post. (I’m the kettle, if you’re wondering.) But it’s how she comments and what she comments that makes me cringe.
I found her while I was wandering the comment section of an article relating to Tennessee’s horrible new bill that basically prevents to the teaching or even reference of homosexuality in public schools. Which, I mean, they pretty much already outlaw talking about sex at all in schools based on societal mores, but these people are talking about not being able to offer help to LGBT students, not being able to form GSA groups or allowing teachers to make any reference to LGBT culture, history or well, anything gay.
As a teacher (yay new job) I find this particularly disgusting because I know that a lot of LGBT kids don’t get support at home and the only other place they can get support is school. Preventing students from getting this kind of help, for whatever reason, is to treat them like they are less than human.
Speaking of less than human, let’s take a look at Mizz Linda Peter Jones’ posts:
Commented Feb 16, 2012 at 18:23:52 in Gay Voices
“Typo-this country was sane until gay rights started-fo­rgot to type along with that statement except for how African Americans were treated. In other words, blacks should of been given rights and gays never should of started this unsound temper tantrum to not be seen as touched and perverted.”

 Tennessee's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Advances In House Despite Protests

Commented Feb 16, 2012 at 18:09:24 in Gay Voices
“Straight kids do not want to hear about gay sex and they should not have to in school pervert.”
Commented Feb 16, 2012 at 18:01:31 in Gay Voices
“Lol, here we go with this lie now. Animals NEVER sodomize each other. I wish you could hear how we straights laugh at gays for that one. Your lies are so see through. And so illogical.”
Commented Feb 16, 2012 at 17:22:39 in Gay Voices
“What the gay community wants to do to this world IS mean,”
This one is my favorite:
Commented Feb 16, 2012 at 15:52:02 in Gay Voices
“Hardly any gay people kill themselves­. We are sick of this lie. More people who were molested by gays kill themselves­.”

Seriously, I could go on for pages about how absolutely idiotic this woman is. To be clear, if you don’t support gay rights well….I think you’re  a jackass, but you’re entitled to your own opinions. What you are not entitled to do, no matter how damn tempting that comment button on all these “gay” articles may be, is to be deliberately cruel. That’s my job, back off. (Still the kettle.)
Anyway, I had to take a couple hours break from this article before I could formulate a reply that didn’t involve me calling her ten kinds of ho-bag and condemning her to the world entity equivalent of Hell in ever culture/subculture. For a minute I considered soliciting her for lesbian sex, but I felt that would be more offensive than helpful, all though the sight of her at her computer getting my well phrased lesbian love not (will you go to prom with me, check yes or no) sanitizing her hands, mind and computer with Purell was very tempting.
This is what I came up with instead:
Dear Linda Peter Jones,
As compelling an argument you presented, especially the ones where you resort to calling everyone and their mother a pervert and degrade us for lying, covering up the truth and basically every possible combination of the two; I simply must disagree with your point(s) about the gay community as a whole. I would love to explain my view point, but since you are highly unlikely to listen, I will skip ahead to the part where you reply. I have taken the courtesy of creating a fill in the blank answer for your benefit.
“You ______(ying, liar, deceitful, two faced)_______(Explicative), what you don’t know about ______(derogatory name for the LGBT community) is that they ____________(blatant blanket statement with absolutely no proof, logical, religious or otherwise to back it up) and that they want to _________(generalized statement about homosexuals and our children) Us ______(obligatory statement made for all straight people in Tennessee) are currently (Laughing, praying, crying, jogging) for your ________(spiritual being.)”
You’re welcome.

I kind of hope she uses it.

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