Tuesday, October 16, 2012


For those of you who don't know this about me, I am actually a writer in my free time. (The girl with the blog writes? What? No way.) Yes way, I am a writer. In a determination to not be one of those struggling writers that lives in a one bedroom shack in New York eating sewer rats because meat is too expensive, I'm going to do the smart thing and release my book on Kindle.
A lot of people in the writing world (ie. everyone I went to college with) believe that self-publishing is the equivalent of prostitution in the literary world. However, this smart hussy learned that by publishing on Kindle, I not only maintain the rights to my book (something Simon and Schuster won't even consider) but I also get 70% of my profits. Remember that I'm trying not to be a starving artist, so yes, to an extent this is about money.
I write young adult fiction (the literary equivalent of Harry Potter) so don't judge. I write YA fiction for several reasons, not the least of which is because it is fun. Being a high school teacher has made it very apparent to me exactly what our children need as role models in the world. I also see what subjects my students never get exposed to in the classroom. Writing books targeted at young people gives me a chance to teach them things I may never get the chance to teach them in my classroom. Also, my book will probably never be assigned reading in a classroom, so my students might actually read it.
Okay, now that I have fully explained myself, drum roll please..... (patpatpatpatpatpatap....)

Cornerstone Cafe

Following a scruffy stray cat, Asher Levine Norris runs away from boarding school to avoid going home for the holidays. When she arrives in San Francisco and gets a job at the tiny Cornerstone CafĂ©, she thinks her only worry is getting caught by the police and being shipped back to her deranged mother. But the Cornerstone has a secret that is going to make Asher’s job a lot harder than just brewing decaf lattes. Asher gets buried neck deep in a fifty year old mystery involving some otherworldly creatures, an abandoned bunker on Alcatraz and mischievous cat.  

There you have it. Everything else you need to know can be found here: Cornerstone Cafe

Thanks everybody! Ciao! 

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